Values & Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

San Gabriel Presbyterian Church (SGPC) is committed to bringing people to Christ, connecting them with God’s Family, growing them in their faith, and encouraging them to love God and love others as Christ first loved us. We hold fast to biblical teachings and are a theologically conservative evangelical church. SGPC is part of the family of churches under ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We worship the only true God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who is both one essence and three persons.
  • We are able to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and God only through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • No part of human life is untouched by sin. Our desires are no longer trustworthy guides to goodness and what seems natural to us no longer corresponds to God’s design.
  • Jesus Christ is the only Way we are brought into right relation with the Father, the sole path by which sinners become children of God.
  • God chooses us for Himself in grace before the foundation of the world, not because of any merit on our part, but only because of His love and mercy.
  • The Holy Spirit grants us faith and enables holiness, so that we may be witnesses of God’s gracious presence to those who are lost.

Our Core Values

Christ Centered

We are a church that believes in remaining Christ Centered through worship, prayers and stewardship, small groups, and our special events and retreats.

Through worship we bring the centrality of Christ to all generations. We focus on praising God through songs, words, and celebration of the liturgical calendar. We also focus on sermons that support Biblical themes that encourages the body and gives sound Biblical principles for practical applications in our daily life.

We believe in encouraging our congregation in prayer, stewardship and daily devotions, and living out the Lord’s prayer every day. We also strive to meet the prayer needs of one another. Our small groups focus on God’s Word and creating discipling relationships. We also provide special retreats and events to encourage personal revival and meditation with the hopes of drawing each individual closer to God.


Belonging & Welcoming

SGPC desires to follow Christ’s commandment of loving one another just as Christ loved us. We encourage a sense of belonging within the congregation and newcomers. We welcome everyone who comes to SGPC to become part of the family of God.

    • We are loving and accepting of all who enter our campus, including children, youth, adults, seniors from different cultures, who may speak other languages and/or have special needs.
    • We create opportunities for people to build friendships and trust, to engage our people in deeper discussions on faith and life. We do this through luncheons, fellowship, small groups, events, etc.
    • We invite people through web, social media and personal invitations to engage in activities to promote inclusiveness.


Growing in Christ Through Serving

San Gabriel Presbyterian Church thrives with a heart of service fueled by the love of Christ. It fosters a community that builds up and trains its members to serve with their skills, gifts, and passions. We are providing opportunities to serve our church and our community in ways that help our members engage with one another and grow in their faith walk with God.

We are creating programs and that disciple each generation and train them up to be leaders and active members both now and in the future. This encourages creating new ministries that serve our changing environment and congregational needs. Our boards are multigenerational and has a high participation that encourages diversity and creativity in leading our congregation. There are many opportunities for our members to serve and minister during our Sunday programs including Art Fusion, Sunday School, Worship, and Hospitality. Weekly serving ministries include Children, Youth, Young Adults, Families, and Seniors small groups and bible studies, and community events, such as Friday Night Lights, VBS, Mexico and other opportunities.

While serving is an integral part of the church, we care more about our congregation’s spiritual life and provide ways for them to be invested in and find rest in Christ. We emphasize that service is a means to draw nearer to Christ by relying on His strength, grace and love.


Missions & Outreach

SGPC is commanded to make disciples of all nations. It is our responsibility to reach within our responsibility to reach within our congregation, extended our grasp beyond our church and spread God’s glory to all.

Our current outreach activities like Mexico Missions, Art Fusion, Women’s Tea, Friday Nite Lights, Basketball, Door of Hope, Boxes of Love, and Operation Christmas Child allow the congregation an opportunity to fulfill God’s mission to reach out to new people and share God’s love and grace. We intentionally engage to share the gospel and build friendships.

We empower our congregation to actively participate in conversations with others, unchurched, unreached, and unbelievers in our local community.

We participate in Missions by supporting our missionaries at home and abroad. This is done through prayer, monetary and physical support. We remain open to other mission opportunities as well.