The Kingdom is Yours

As our life groups continue their journey through Matthew, we will be studying the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 this month. This song is based on that passage, and you can read more about it from the writers here.

The “blessed” statements we find in this portion of Scripture are familiar and comforting, but the wording is sometimes hard to imagine in our daily lives today. As you listen to the words, open your Bible to Matthew 5.1-12 and try to find the connections. As you continue to listen, ask the Lord to reveal how he is still alive in these words today.

  • a personal situation you are facing
  • a crisis that a friend is navigating
  • a story on the news that touches your heart
  • any other way God is reminding you that he is still blessing those who are abused or marginalized or hurting, yet seeking him in the pain

Although this song was written in 2017, it came to my attention three years later in the week of May 25, 2020. The world was already turned upside down with COVID-19, and the death of George Floyd—along with the belated public recognition of Breonna Taylor’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s (and many others’) killings—revealed the deep and lasting pain of our Black brothers and sisters. It was an awakening for the world, the nation, and the Church. It was a call to accountability: not only for those in power, but also for those who turned a deaf ear and blind eye by remaining silent.

A year later, it is easy to forget. We are busy “trying to get back to normal,” but these injustices are still happening because they have underlying systemic roots but are no longer dominating the headlines. These injustices should not be part of “normal” life for those who represent Christ and his Kingdom. As worshippers of a loving God who sees their pain, we also need to be willing to face their pain and to walk alongside them on their road toward justice and dignity.

As we learn this song, allow the truth of God’s goodness and the compassion of God’s heart to shape who we are and how we interact with the world. As we let this song minister to us, let’s allow ourselves to become more like Jesus in how he sees every person, stops to hear their story, and draws on the power of God to minister to them.

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