Racial Injustice & Our Church


Dear Church Family & Friends,

As a church, we firmly believe that racial injustice is inconsistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As many of you attend BSF, we also appreciated their letter, “A Biblical Response to Racial Injustice.”

We believe that the Gospel is truly the answer to what this world needs especially now to soften hardened hearts, break down walls of sin, and bring reconciliation to those who are hurting. We also believe that how we demonstrate the work of the Gospel in our hearts by loving others is important as ambassadors for Christ.

Our hope is to provide you with resources to help you engage with current events both informatively and from the Christian perspective. Note that this is not a comprehensive list, but a place to start. We encourage you to always remain prayerful and use discretion when reading/watching the following. Recall God’s Word & engage with the Holy Spirit in asking, how would Jesus call me to actively respond?

How to Get Involved

If you want to get involved but aren't sure how, here are a few ideas to get started. Before acting upon anything we encourage you to:

    1. Remain prayerful & in the Word.
      Ask God to give you wisdom and discernment. (James 1:5)

    2. Check your own heart.
      Before we can be involved, we need to check our own hearts & ask God to help us (Matthew 7:3-5, Psalm 139:23-24)

    3. Research it more & use discretion.
      While the links we provide are resources we have found to be helpful, we are also learning and realize we cannot present the complete picture! Make sure you understand what you are doing & bring it before the Lord before acting upon it.

    4. Talk with trusted friends and leaders.
      We aren’t created to live and share the light of God by ourselves. Honest conversations in safe spaces can help refine our perspective and keep us accountable to be the best God has in mind for us.

    5. Explore and experience unfamiliar cultures by trying out new cuisines or visiting their businesses.
      Take note of what seems different as well as what is the same, allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, and don’t be afraid to ask humble questions!

    6. Engage with us regarding to Christian organizations we can support and ways we can become more involved.
      Look for causes or organizations you can support and petitions you can sign that reflect your faith in Christ.


Christian resources that can help us better understand racial reconciliation and how it applies and connects to the church, and living as ambassadors for Christ.

    • ECO Presbyterian Response to the Church & Racial Reconciliation
      Our ECO Presbyterian denomination’s stance on racism and the church.

    • BSF Newsletter Response to Racial Injustice
      A thoughtful look at what Scripture has to say about racial injustice.

    • Racial Reconciliation
      ECO webinar with David Bailey, Founder + Director of Arrabon, that will help our congregations engage in racial reconciliation and be equipped to help in healthy and productive ways in order to bring transformation to our communities in the name of Jesus.

    • The Third Option
      One of three Sermons by Miles McPherson (Rock Church, San Diego, CA), pastor and author of The Third Option, delivered on June 1, 2020 proposing ways to be united in a divided nation. He provides a sociological lens with a scriptural response.

    • IV Press
      Books by IV Press on Faithful Justice.

Engage With Us

As your Staff and Session, we want to support you as you engage and grow as lights to the world. Please reach out to us if you would like to talk through any thoughts or questions you have as you process the information and what you are seeing around you. Click 'Contact us' below, and a staff or session member will be in touch.

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