Palm Sunday for Kids

What a special day today is! It’s “Palm Sunday”!

Now if you’re not sure what Palm Sunday is, it’s a celebration to remember the day Jesus entered Jerusalem, His hometown as King! This is an extra joyous day because it marks the beginning of what we call “Holy Week”, which is a term we use to describe the days leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross!

Here’s a short video to help you see what the Bible tells us happened!

If you want to read where this story is in the Bible, you can find it in Mark 11:1-11! You can find it in other places in the Bible, too! But we used Mark 11:1-11 to help us in making this story! We encourage you to read it together as a family!

Talk About It As a Family

Parents, it might be interesting to your kids that Jesus entered in on a donkey! Why not a majestic horse? Some things you can point out to your children:

  • Hosanna – Hosanna is a word that praises Jesus for Who He is–our Savior. It means “Help us!” or “Save us now!”. The people cried out to God, and to Jesus to save them, or help them! We can only use this term towards Jesus because of who He is–Our Savior! Talk about what it means to need a Savior for our sins! You can use Romans 3:23-24 and Romans 6:23 to help guide your conversation! We all sin (anything we think, say or do that goes against God’s Word) and need a Savior to give us forgiveness.
  • He came on a donkey to fulfill a prophecy (something that in the past someone said, or in this case, God said would happen in the future). You can read the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. We can tell that Jesus really was the King and Savior God said He would give to us because everything God said would happen, happened with Jesus!
  • It shows Jesus’ humility. Can you imagine a KING riding a DONKEY? What a sight! It reminds us that just like how Jesus came into the world with humility as a baby in a manger, He was also a humble king. To be “humble” or have “humility” means that you are not prideful or show off what you have to make others feel bad about themselves. It doesn’t mean we can’t be good at something, or use our talents for good. It’s thinking about others before we act or speak. Jesus is God’s Son! And He was powerful! He didn’t have to force people to worship Him as God, but they did it when they saw Him coming!
  • DIG DEEPER: We can see Jesus’ humility even greater when we look at the Cross and what Jesus did–why we celebrate Easter! Kids, or parents, take a look at John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Jesus shows us what real love is! He laid down His life by taking the punishment of our sins (2 Corinthians 5:17)!

TALK ABOUT IT: We encourage you to talk together as a family about who Jesus is! Other than the three things we pointed out that the Bible names Jesus as (Son of God, Our Savior, Our King), what can you as a family remember about Jesus today?

Spend some time thinking about Jesus and thanking Him in prayer!

Activities for Children

TIP: You might have to use alternative materials for the crafts if you don’t have supplies at home. You can always challenge kids to color their own paper green if you don’t have green construction paper or tissue paper! Use a crayon or marker to color cut leaves green! When coloring, we suggest having children color on top of another piece of paper! See how you can substitute different materials–ask your kids to think of ways they can do it creatively! 🙂

  • Paper Palm Fronds (Ages 6+)
    Parents or kids, you will need to read the instructions for this one in the paragraph.
Make & Wear Palm Fronds  Palm Fronds are really beautiful I think. The fact that they look just like accordion folded paper makes me want to make some! Also this is a great time of year to accessorize with a little green with Saint Patrick's Day, the spring equinox, and Easter. Of course this would be perfect for Palm Sunday (April 13th) too! You can use any kind of green paper you have. I used kite paper which is about the size of origami paper but translucent like tissue paper with a waxy,...
  • Worship God Together!
    This is the song we would be practicing together for Easter! Sing & dance along together! You can use this link to find more Worship Music for kids! We also encourage you to listen to “adult” worship music as well! It’s great to show your children worship songs you enjoy, too! You can also worship together to the songs Josie provided for this past week’s Wednesday Worship!

We hope you have a blessed Sunday!

We wish we could celebrate this special day together–but we hope that being home together on this day will be even more special as you talk about Jesus and worship Him as a family! 🙂

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