Life Groups

Life Groups are made of 2 co-leaders and 6-8 members. They're an intentional space where we can connect and grow in our faith together. Our Life Groups will be learning how to study God's Word and practice what it's like to follow Him through prayer, service, outreach & worship. Join us for 2021!

*Sign ups are now over, but if you're still interested in joining a Life Group, you are welcome to reach out to the Life Group leaders to see if they have any openings. You can contact our church office for their information as needed. Sign ups will opened again for 2022!

Some of our Life Groups use the DBS method for their study time. If you'd like to learn what this method is like, use the following PDF.


Sunday Sonrise Group

Sundays @ 9:00AM // Donna C. & Lesley W.

This Life Group will be a diverse group that welcomes men and women, young or more mature, people searching and any level of Christian maturity.

Young Adults

Mondays @ 7:30PM // Erika E. & John K.

We are a group of like-minded believers ages 18 to 25. Whether you are in college earning your degree or graduated and entering the workforce, our goal is to lift each other up in community, fellowship, and spend intentional time with one another in an honest setting where you can share openly.


Tuesdays @ 3:00PM // Calvin H. & Priscilla H.

As the senior group we want to finish strong in our life's journey. We meet to encourage each other to grow spiritually and to serve Christ and His Church. We seek to live life with purpose, life that honors God and be a blessing to others.

Come Together Tuesdays

Tuesdays @ 7:30PM // Nancee K.

Women's group for those who want to study God's word together and looking for support & encouragement.


Tuesdays @ 7:30PM // Mike K. & Terry D.

Never Ending Search for Truth through God's word. Covid made us all burrow down, but now Christ's light beckons us back into authentic fellowship. So please join our nest as we unpack God's weekly message, and prayerfully begin to envision what He already sees as a thriving future SGPC.

Wednesday Reflections

Wednesday @ 10:00AM // Anne J. & Elsie C.

Women reflecting on SGPC sermons.

Young Adults In Person
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM // Fenton E.

*Meeting time subject to change

Are you a younger man or woman, post-college, seeking, beginning or building a career, or learning new family roles? This is your group. 

*Contact us for more details and information.