9/9 Wednesday Worship

As we look forward to reopening, we also need to rethink how we worship. Regardless of practical changes, the heart of our worship remains unchanged.
San Gabriel Presbyterian Church


This word has lost some of its weight and significance in our contemporary culture. “Just have faith.”

Even in the modern church, we are often more cavalier with that word than we should be.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

Faith is intangible and immeasurable, but it is nonetheless real. It is more complex than a brief mid-week post can adequately cover, but as we exercise our faith, we find a growing reality in our relationship with God that is greater than we could ever hope for. It is one of the mysteries of the kingdom and of our life with the King.

We can’t judge it in each other, but we can know if it is present in ourselves. A single act might be a huge step of faith for one person and a simple step of nature for another. What we can be sure of is that faith in what is true will be powerful and effective.

Worship is one tool that strengthens our faith. A worship leader once said,

Sometimes we sing it because we believe it. Sometimes we sing it until we believe it.

Steffany Gretzinger

Belief isn’t just a mental exercise. It engages our minds and our emotions. It is much easier to believe something, to have the assurance of faith, if our emotions align with that truth, but we don’t always have that luxury. When our experiences aren’t bearing witness to what we know to be true about God—and we all have those moments!—the solution isn’t necessarily to dismiss our belief as false or misguided.

Instead we dig even deeper into the truth, into the written Word and the Living Word, to remind ourselves of what is real. Sometimes we have to talk aloud to ourselves in order to remember. David did it in the Psalms (Psalms 42 and 43, for example). There is something powerful about hearing the truth ring in our ears and not just in our minds.

Singing truth about God and what he has done can help our minds and our spirits remember what is real, even when our immediate surroundings don’t bear witness to it. Music speaks to our souls in a way that logical reasoning and truth propositions can not. It feeds our faith at a deep level.

Worship with us

Wherever you are today, we pray these songs can remind you of the unchanging nature of God. He who was faithful in the past has never failed, and he will continue to be faithful forever.

We will be staying with this list for a few weeks as we continue in the sermon series, “Faith that Works,” so take your time with the songs. Let Holy Spirit highlight steps of faith for you this season. Create a similar list in your favorite music platform and find ones that encourage you to move in faith. Allow the music to help truth bypass any lived-out objections you have and strengthen your faith.

Hungry for more?

We encourage you to feast on the word of God. If you’ve got some resources on your bookshelf, dig in! If you’re looking for more translations, resources, and devotional guides, try any of the following links or search for more online.

Create an atmosphere to encounter God

During this historical time, we’ve been collecting songs along the way. You can find the playlists on SGPC’s Spotify profile (requires a free Spotify account). Listen to old favorites and discover new songs of the season! Spring off into some of the suggestions generated by Spotify or search for your own go-to songs. These also work well as background music for studying scripture (or anything else).

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