4/9 Come Follow Me

Happy Mother’s Day!

We greet & celebrate all the mothers today! To those of you who are mothers biologically, or through fostering or adoption, we take this day to remember & praise God for your presence! We also praise God for the women who have raised us like mothers, without bearing the title.

Today, we also wish to acknowledge those who may find this day difficult due to the loss of a mother or due to a straining relationship with your mother. We also remember mothers who have lost a child, or women who have struggled with motherhood in some way or form. To those who find this day difficult, we pray for God’s comfort, healing, and presence over you. Know that you are not forgotten, that you are deeply loved, and that your grievances and pain are seen by Him.

This morning, we have our Evelyn Lee as our special guest speaker for this Sunday! Evelyn is a special friend of San Gabriel Presbyterian Church, and many of you may know her from our time at Alhambra True Light! May her message on Matthew 14:22-33 draw you nearer to our Heavenly Father this morning!

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See you next week!

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