10/5 Monday Meditations

Happy Monday, Church Family & Friends!

We hope that you were both encouraged and challenged by Pastor Joshua’s sermon he gave us yesterday called, “Living in Overtime.” We are grateful for his final message to us through 2 Peter 3:1-10, challenging us to live our lives with the hope, assurance and knowledge that Jesus will return in His gracious, perfect timing. We wish Pastor Joshua and his family well as they continue on in the grace of God in pursuit of knowing & following Him!

This week for Monday Meditations, we encourage you to engage in the Sermon Notes Pastor Joshua left us with to dig deeper into God’s Word. As you look back at the study he left us, I also have a couple reflection questions broken up into two days for you to think about this week.


DAY 1 // Take time to look back at 2 Peter 3:8-9 and question #2 in the sermon notes.

  • In light of this season, have any hardships made it hard to see God’s faithfulness or His promise? How does being reminded that “He is patient with you”, wanting us to come to repentance, give you perspective?
  • If there is anything you need to repent of, take time to be honest before God and do so. Because of the sacrifice & resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can find forgiveness for our sins. (Reference 1 John 1:9, Hebrews 4:14-16, and James 5:16)
  • When you read “not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance, does anyone in your life who does not know Jesus come to mind? Take time to pray for them. How might God be calling you to be a light of His love and perhaps share the Gospel with that person?

DAY 2 // Read Matthew 24:35 (like in our sermon notes) and Isaiah 40:6-8.

  • What do these verses tell you about the Word of God? Consider how you are living your life currently. In what ways may you be placing your hope in things that will essentially “wither away”?
  • Take a moment to write out what you believe about the Word of God (the Bible) to be true. How does the way you live reflect what you believe about the Word of God? Does anything need to change? If so, how?

MEMORIZATION // As always, we encourage you to also try memorizing Scripture in pursuit of knowing the Word of God. This week, we challenge you to memorize 2 Peter 3:8-9:

Hungry for more?

We encourage you to feast on the word of God. If you’ve got some resources on your bookshelf, dig in! If you’re looking for more translations, resources, and devotional guides, try any of the following links or search for more online.

Create an atmosphere to encounter God

During this historical time, we’ve been collecting songs along the way. You can find the playlists on SGPC’s Spotify profile (requires a free Spotify account). Listen to old favorites and discover new songs of the season! Spring off into some of the suggestions generated by Spotify or search for your own go-to songs. These also work well as background music for studying scripture (or anything else).

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